Side step the fuel shortage with APIs

With the latest fuel shortages gripping the UK perhaps you’ve decided to invest in an electric vehicle (EV) or maybe you already own an EV and are currently feeling very smug indeed. Whatever your position you will probably find that locating a public charging point is still not the easiest thing to do as the current charging infrastructure lags far behind that of its petrol powered equivalent.

A fuel pump that is out of order due to lack of fuel

To help you find your next charge we’ve recently launched our EV Chargers API where you can search for EV chargers by simple location based search using geographic coordinates or a bounding box. There’s also support for filters like charging speed so you can quickly find those 50KW fast chargers. See the API page at for more details.

For those Nocode developers out there we’ve also released a Bubble plugin so you can quickly add EV Charger search to your apps. You can see a demo of this in action at

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