Micro is a platform for API driven services development

Your new API backend for the jamstack

Last month we talked about a new architecture pattern, Netlify for the frontend, Micro for the backend. As the frontend has evolved towards being dominated by the Jamstack, we believe the backend also requires a fundamental shift in it’s design and consumption model.


Why Companies Adopt Microservices and How They Succeed

This is a cross post from the open source blog. A wildly popular article on why companies adopt microservices and how they succeed written in 2016. Given its relevance we thought it was the right time to post it here. Hope you enjoy!


Turn any blog or RSS feed into an API

Last time we talked to you about how we believe Micro is Netlify for the backend. We got a very strong positive reaction to that, filling a pain point it looks like many people had. In that post we used headless cms aka blog posts as an example of the API you’d build on the backend to be consumed by a frontend. Today we’re going to take it a step further. We’re going to turn any blog or RSS feed into an API.


Building a blog with Micro in Go

This is a cross post from on how to build a blog with Micro. We’ve been getting a lot of feedback on our series related to Netlify for the backend and what’s clear, people want to see more code. So here it is. Hope you enjoy!


Netlify for the frontend, Micro for the backend

Today Netlify has emerged as the modern platform for rapidly building web applications without having to worry about anything beyond your code. We at Micro are users of Netlify and have bought into this phenomenal experience. What’s more Netlify has demonstrated to us a breakdown in the classic web architecture stack which previously combined web and api concerns in a single place. As we moved through a tiered architecture frontend had not been given anything more than hints on how to consume dynamic content from the backend. Today we’re all calling this the Jamstack.


M3O Platform is now open to the world!

Today we’re unveiling M3O as “open to the world”. Head to the homepage and get started immediately. M3O is a fully managed cloud platform for microservices development. It’s built based on the popular open source project Micro and focuses on developer productivity for backend service development. To read about the related Micro 3.0 release head to the open source blog post.


The value line in 2020: Dev vs Ops

Hat tip to my friend James Watters (@wattersjames) for teaching me about the value line.

What is the value line? The value line is how you distinguish what’s core to your business vs what you can and should outsource. In today’s world we outsource a lot of things as non-core concerns but somehow continue to blur the line when it comes to Dev and Ops.


M3O - A cloud native platform built for developers

Today we’re announcing M3O - a cloud native platform built for developers. M3O (pronounced “em-3-oh” and derived from the word M[icr]o) provides Micro as a Service so developers can focus on writing services rather than managing infrastructure. To learn more about Micro, check out our previous blog post.


What is Micro? It's just the future of microservices development.

Micro is an open source project focused on simplifying microservices development. It started life as go-micro - a Go framework for microservice development. But even before then, go-micro, was a hacked up tiny library created to enable the development of a “kubernetes as a service” project way back when in 2014 (see the first commit here).